Each client relationship I build is considered a partnership. See testimonials below.

Kind words, well-earned.


"Allison was responsible for re-writing the content across our entire website. She took personal pride in our content, voice and character and put a lot of herself into our content efforts. She managed multiple blogs, websites, social media accounts, and numerous content contributors. She was particularly good at shaping my ideas into thoughtful articles. She's knowledgeable across many areas of marketing and is constantly pushing herself to learn and do more."

— Greg Raiz, CIO Rightpoint

"Allison is professional, competent, easy to work with, and a joy to be around. She takes on projects with enthusiasm, asks the right questions, and digs deep to produce high quality work that's compelling and informative. Her zest for content, writing, and connecting will surely take her far."

— Emma Siemasko, Stories by us

"Allison helped me tremendously with the renewal of my website this year. She understood my business, the points I was trying to get across and nailed the message for clients. She has a strong knowledge base and experience to back her profession. Also, she is always available and very timely. I would highly recommend her and utilize her services again when the opportunity presents."

— Robyn Kievit Kirkman

"Allison is a very skilled and thoughtful creative, with a broad range of value add that she can bring to your team. As Founder of Shmedia Media, a boutique social media agency in Culver City, I was impressed by Allison's thoroughness in her ability to fully understand my creative needs after a single conversation, which increased her turnaround and minimized revisions. She was able to take on a broad range of subject matter and bring authority and professionalism to my projects. I could rely on her to deliver on time, every time, and keep me "in the loop" on progress throughout--which is important for a neurotic business owner. She's smart, reliable, and capable, and I can recommend her with full enthusiasm."

— Max goldberg, Schmedia Media