Below are a few samples of the work I've done. 

Some of the things I write are: marketing & sales copy, email marketing copy, product & UX/UI copy, webinar & video scripts, customer support content, e-books, and more. If you're interested in speaking about work outside the scope of the content below, say the word. 


Marketing Zen

The Marketing Zen Group is a full-service B2B and B2C marketing agency.While working for their clients in the health and wellness industry, I also wrote pieces for their blog.


4 Ways that BuzzSumo Improves Your Digital Marketing Efforts

7 Conferences You Should Add to Your Calendar Before the End of 2015

Using Contests and Sweepstakes to Increase Social Media Engagement: 8 Ways to Prepare an Awesome Campaign

How to Brainstorm Content: 6 Tips to Catalyze Ideas

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Health & Wellness

For Eye Care Client:

7 Tips for Eye Care Safety When Wearing Makeup

What is Conjunctivitis? What You Need to Know About Pink Eye

How to Travel with Your Glasses and Contacts

Through the Looking Glass: The History of the Eye Glass

Dorks We Loved. Our Favorite Characters Who Knew How to Rock their Specs

Why You Should Get an Eye Exam Once a Year

4 Common Hereditary Eye Issues


For Brain Center Client:

Paddle Board World Championship

What You Need to Know About Neurogenesis

What You Need to Know About Alzheimers

What You Need to Know About Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

What You Need to Know About PDD

What You Need to Know About The Vestibular System


Nutrition & LifeStyle

For Nutrition Brand Client:

Apps to Improve Your Workout

How to Fuel for the Course

Which Bar to Eat When

Music and Your Workout

What You Need to Know About Age and Metabolism